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On 26 January 2015, Indonesia’s President Ir. Joko Widodo launched the One Stop Service (Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu – “PTSP”) Center at the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal – “BKPM”), Jakarta. The purpose of the PTSP Center is to establish a quick, simple, transparent and integrated licensing process. With this, investors are no longer required to be present before the relevant ministry in order to obtain an investment license. Investors only need to be present before the BKPM in order to obtain such licenses. 

Regulatory Background 

The PTSP Center allows the investors to monitor the licensing process and its progress online. This policy is undertaken as part of the Government of Indonesia’s commitment to implementing Presidential Regulation No. 97 of 2014 concerning Implementation of One Stop Service. 

Online Website: SPIPISE 

At the beginning, PTSP Center only provided an offline process. However, as of 15 December 2014, there are 15 licenses that are accessible online through the Electronic System of Information Service and Investment Licensing (Sistem Pelayanan Informasi dan Perijinan Investasi Secara Elektronik – “SPIPISE”) online-spipise.bkpm.go.id, namely: 

No. Type Of Licese Period
1. New In-Principle License  3 working days 
2. Investment Expansion In-Principle License  3 working days 
3. Alteration In-Principle Licens 5 working days
4. Alteration Business License 5 working days
5. Foreign Company Representative Office License  5 working days
6. Business License 7 working days
7. Expansion Business License 7 working days
8. Merger Business License 7 working days
9. Exemption facility for import duties on imported machine  7 working days
10. Exemption facility for import duties on material goods  7 working days
11. Merger In-Principle License 10 working days

The advantages of SPIPISE are as follows: 

  1. It ensures the safety of the company’s confidential information; 
  2. It is user friendly; 
  3. It is accessible anytime and anywhere; 
  4. It is equipped with a tracking system which will inform investors an estimated date of issuance for each license; and 
  5. It is furnished with Standard Operating Procedure. Through this feature, the investors can confirm whether the licenses issuance period is in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure that has been set.

Participating Authorities 
Currently, the PTSP Center serves 150 licenses of which 118 are delegated to the BKPM and 32 licenses are not delegated to the BKPM but rather served by the PTSP Center.

No. Authority Number Of License
1. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources  10
2. Ministry of Environment and Forestry 35 
3. Ministry of Industry 11
4. Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning 1
5. Ministry of Trade  7
6. Ministry of Agriculture 5
7. Ministry of Finance 2
8. Ministry of Transportation 7
9. Ministry of Law and Human Right 1
10. Ministry of Health 9
11. Ministry of Tourism 19
12. Ministry of Communication and Informatics 14
13. Ministry of Manpower 5
14. Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing 7
15. Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 1
16. Ministry of Education and Culture 1
17. Ministry of Defense 1
18. Indonesian National Police 1
19. National Agency of Drug and Food Control 1
20. Indonesian Standardization Body 1
21. State Cryptography Agency -
22. PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) -


The PTSP Center is ready to serve all investment licenses of any business sector except banking and oil and gas upstream business sector. Further, should any investors need information on any licensing activities, the PTSP Center is reachable 24/7 through its hotline: 0807-100-BKPM(2576).

The establishment of the PTSP Center will advance Indonesia’s entrance into the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. We hope that this will also enhance the Indonesian investment climate where foreign investors will be encouraged to invest in Indonesia as the PTSP Center has simplified the licensing procedures, to be followed by a Regional PTSP soon.

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Posted in News and Media on Jan 26, 2015