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Hermawan Juniarto and Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) Workshop
In cooperation with IDX, Hermawan Juniarto held workshop by bringing up a topic about “Capital Market as an Alternative Tool for Infrastructure Financing” on Tuesday, 5 April 2016 at the IDX Tower, Jakarta. The workshop has made the participants and mass media aware of issues and potency of capital market for the development of infrastructure as the prime mover in developing economics of Indonesia.

Harold Tjiptadjaja (Managing Director and Head of Client Investment at PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance), Nicky Hogan (Director of Development at the IDX), Emma Sri Martini (President Director of PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero)), Cornel B. Juniarto (Senior Partner at Hermawan Juniarto), Irawati Hermawan (CEO and Managing Partner at Hermawan Juniarto), and also John Aryananda (President Commissioner at PT China Communications Construction Indonesia).

Partners and Counsels of Hermawan Juniarto during the post-opening session of stock exchange trading at the IDX. Irawati Hermawan and Cornel B. Juniarto together with all Partners and Counsels were given the opportunity to open the stock exchange trading on 5 April 2016. 

The workshop was attended by all lawyers of Hermawan Juniarto and welcomed by representatives of Indonesia Stock Exchange, Nicky Hogan (Director of Development at the IDX), Hamdi Hassyarbaini (Director of Transaction Supervision and Compliance at the IDX), and Alpino Kianjaya (Director of Trading and Stock Exchange Members Regulatory).

Posted in Events on Apr 05, 2016